HOLEY CARDS provide an individual program for each child and are especially good for classes with a wide age or ability span. Pupils can work on different cards or on parts of cards.

Each card contains 100 facts (0-9 in each operation). A hole is provided under each problem through which the student writes his answer on an inserted piece of paper. The paper with the answers is easily removed and the card is ready to use again. The pupil practices until he/she can complete the card in two minutes.

  • Addition Facts (0 up to 9+9)
  • Subtraction Facts (0 up to 18-9)
  • Multiplication Facts (0 up to 9x9)
  • Multiplication Facts (0-9 & 12)
  • Division Facts (0 up to 18/9)

Cards with answers
Same as the cards above, only answers are printed on the inside of the card to make grading easier. The inserted paper covers the answers. Laying an opened card over a pupil's paper reveals the correct answer immediately underneath the pupil's answer.

Certificates (a.k.a. "Terrificates") are awarded to the student who achieves the two-minute goal. The Magnificent Mathematician is awarded to the student who achieves the two-minute goal on all four cards.

  • Astounding Adder (Pks of 25)
  • Super Subtracter (Pks of 25)
  • Mighty Multiplier (Pks of 25)
  • Mightier Multiplier (Pks of 25)
  • Dynamite Divider (Pks of 25)
  • Magnificent Mathematician (Pks of 25)

Holey Cards does not currently accept on-line orders. Although, we provide a downloadable order form for those interested in purchasing Holey Cards.

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